The University of Leeds Farm


Farm home

The University of Leeds Farm undertakes high quality research in collaboration with academic and industry partners. We work with partners from across the UK to co-develop research programmes that address modern agricultural challenges. It is also a commercial business, generating income from arable and livestock operations. As the farm is operated commercially, research outcomes can be directly applied in practice.

We take a ‘whole systems’ approach to agricultural and livestock research. We are investing in new facilities and instrumentation to improve farming practice, drawing together sophisticated monitoring and data management systems. On the site we have developed a National Pig Centre as well as the farm being home to the University of Leeds Terrestrial Observatory, a three million pound suite of instrumentation and research tools that forms part of the Global Food and Environment Institute.

  • Our Smart Agri-Systems programme is designed to provide insights into farming practice which will help businesses develop their competitive advantage and navigate complex global food production markets.
  • The Farm also supports expanding undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research programmes, offering a rich variety of fieldwork opportunities.